St. Michael’s Printshop is an artist-run print studio which provides professional fine art printmaking facilities for established and emerging artists. A lure for printmakers who crave a space in which to create art surrounded by the extraordinary natural landscape of the North Atlantic, the Printshop also attracts visuals artists who wish to explore printmaking as a new medium for the first time through workshops with local and visiting printmakers.

Attn: Printshop Update

June 9th, 2020:

As of June 9th, St. Michael’s Printshop will be accepting applications from members to use the studio space on a case-by-case basis. As our community’s safety is always our top priority, we will unfortunately be closed to the public.

Applications for studio use can be written, video/audio recording, or via phone/video-calling. In your application, please briefly describe your project, the dates or time frame in which you wish to use the studio space, and the equipment you will be using. We will be monitoring, via distance, when members are using the studio space in order to ensure physical distancing protocols can be followed at all times. Additionally, we will be asking studio users to fill out a COVID-19 questionnaire prior to each studio use to ensure the safety of all our members. We are in the process of making a google calendar where members will be able to reserve a slot in an area – or book a press online. We will allow bookings in increments of 4 hours to give members enough time to work on their project and thoroughly clean and disinfect before the next member arrives. Members will be required to check and book time online before coming to the printshop. Let us know if you are unable to access the calendar online and we will assist you.

If you are interested in using the studio space, please email your application, or set up a time for phone/video-calling by emailing us at If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We will be providing a COVID-19 Safe Studio Practices guidelines to our members that will also be posted in the shop. This will be a living document that we will be updating as we receive guidelines from the health department or when new information becomes available. We will keep members updated when we make change. We will also be providing hand soap, hand sanitizer, gloves, disinfectant, and wipes for studio use.  

We look forward to seeing you in person soon! For the time being let us know how St. Michael’s can support you while you are not in the shop. If you have anything you are working on that you would like us to share on social media please get in touch via email.

We hope that you are safe and in good health.

Xox St Michael’s Printshop

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