Visiting Artist Program

Amery Sandford (VAP 2018) grinding a stone, photo by Dee Ramadan (@dee_ramadan)

Conditions of the residency

  • The one-month residency must be completed during the period of April 1st, 2021 to November 30, 2021
  • Two prints from each edition printed during the residency must be provided to St. Michael’s Printshop.
  • One of these prints will be retained in the Printshop’s Archives, the other is used for fundraising purposes.
  • During the residency, the artist will be asked to give a workshop for the membership of the Printshop.

Criteria used by juries

The Printshop Programming Committee is instructed to look for emerging as well as experienced artists. The jury has three large considerations when reviewing applications: artistic merit, feasibility, and assessing the benefit of the residency to the artist as well as the benefit to the St. John’s/NL community. While basic technical help is available from staff, artists must show competency in their chosen medium to be considered. Workshop proposals are important, but should not be too elaborate or take more than two evenings or one day from the residency.

While residencies in other arts facilities often ask the artist to demonstrate a geographic-based justification for their residencies, proposals for residencies at St. Michael’s Printshop do not need to be linked to Newfoundland, Labrador or St. John’s. We are more interested in that the artists have a clear plan that they can accomplish in one month.


  • $1,000 Residency Fee for artists who reside in St. John’s, NL and surrounding area
  • $1,500 Residency Fee for artists who reside outside St. John’s, NL and surrounding area
  • 24-hour access to all facilities at the Printshop

St. Michael’s provides basic chemicals and solvents, newsprint, rags and black and white inks only. We do not provide coloured inks or personal consumables (sandpaper etc.). Please contact us for a full inventory of what is provided. A basic selection of papers, wiping fabrics and litho drawing materials are available for purchase at the printshop.

*International artists should note that materials may be considerably more expensive here, so it is recommended that materials be brought with you. These may include paper, and coloured printing inks. Because of our isolated location, ordering materials may take up to several weeks.*

2021 Submission Guidelines

The 2021 call for submissions closed on September 15th, 2020. These guidelines will likely be slightly updated by our Programming Committee when we begin accepting applications next year, but these can still be used to start a new application. We will put out next year’s call for submissions in late July/early August.

Each year St. Michael’s Printshop invites applications from international, national and provincial artists who wish to come and work at the Printshop for a one-month period. A total of six residencies are offered during the year between April – November.

In order to be considered for the Visiting Artist program, interested artists must submit the following:

The following support materials are part of the online application form, we recommend compiling and editing this information in a word processor and then copying and pasting into the form fields when you are ready to submit everything.

  • Artist Bio (150 words max)
  • Summary (75 words max) – please provide a clear and concise overview of your project
  •  A detailed project proposal (250 words max) that includes the following:
    • A project description explaining what you plan to make and the creative direction or goals you have for the project
    • Print medium(s) and materials you intend to work with
    • Significance to your creative practice/career – how this project will support your development as an artist
    • How you propose to engage with the SMP and NL arts communities
  •  Artist Statement (250 words max)
  • 1-2 workshop proposals (250 words max)
    • preferably beginner-friendly workshops
  • Artist’s CV (3 pages max) – an updated resume that confirms a professional arts practice. Please include contact information: email, phone number, address, province of residence
  • Image list (include title, medium, size, year made)
  • 12 Support images maximum
    • Image Submission Requirements:
    • Up to 12 support images maximum, each file formatted at 72dpi, 1mb each, jpeg format
    • please label your files numerically to correspond with your image list and use the following format: 00_Lastname_Title_year
  • For video support materials include a separate PDF with a video link
    • Clips can be no longer than 5 minutes max
    • specify the start/end times for the clip you’d like watched
    • Video links will count as one of your support images

To Submit

Completed application submitted via an official SMP Visiting Artist Program Google Form which is posted in the period when the call is initially advertised (usually in late July to late August or early September each year).


All submissions will be juried by the SMP programming committee and notifications will be sent out within 8 weeks of the deadline.

All applicants will be notified of the outcome.

Recent Visiting Artists


Jordan Blackburn, Ontario
Katie Marie Bruce, Alberta
Joy Wong, Ontario
Pepa Chan, Newfoundland
Mitch Mitchell, Quebec


Anita Singh, Newfoundland
Eric Euler, Ontario
Michelle LaSalle, Quebec
Morgan Wedderspoon, Alberta
Angela Sneider, Alberta
Amery Sandford, Quebec
Emily Critch, Newfoundland


Jason Wells, Newfoundland
Andrew Testa, Newfoundland
Jennifer Scheuer, New York
Sonya Filman, Ontario
Laura Watson, New Brunswick
Mike Connolly (technical residency), Newfoundland


Emma Nishimura, Ontario
Jill Ho-You, Alberta
Mark Bovey, Nova Scotia
Lisa Neighbour, Ontario
Kaylea Reeve, British Columbia
Alexa Hatanaka, Nunavut
Jeanette Johns, Quebec


Kristen Bartel, United States
Amanda Damsma, Ontario
Virginia Mitford, the Yukon
Joe Fowler, Newfoundland
Steve Evans, Newfoundland


April White, Newfoundland
Ebonnie Hollenbeck, Ontario
Kelsey Stephenson, United States
Stephanie De Couto Costa, Quebec
Catherine Farish, Quebec
Andrea Cooper, Newfoundland

Audrey Hurd, Newfoundland
Ericka Walker, Nova Scotia
Robyn Anderson, Newfoundland
Anna McIntyre, Quebec
Jude Valentine, Maine

Sarah Gordon, Ireland
Raluca Iancu, Quebec
Karen Cornelius, Manitoba
Jennifer Morgan, Newfoundland
Christine Koch, Newfoundland
Nathalie Vanderveken, Quebec

Philippa Jones, Newfoundland
Sylvia Bendzsa, Newfoundland
Tara Bryan, Newfoundland
Margo Ray, Hawaii USA
Wendy Tokaryk, Alberta
Marie Andree Gilbert, Quebec

Scott Goudie, Newfoundland
Jonathan Green, Newfoundland
Jesse Brennan, England
Daryl Vocat, Ontario
Abigail Rorer, Maine USA
Rodney Konapaki/Rhonda Neufeld, British Columbia

Shane Dwyer, Newfoundland
Jacques Arseneault, New Brunswick
Laura Peturson, Ontario
Jack Botsford, Newfoundland
Veselina Tomova, Newfoundland
Nicky Neate, UK

Michelle Bush, Newfoundland
Corrine Coleman, Newfoundland
Jerry Ropson, Quebec
Gemma Anderson- UK
Colin Lyons, Quebec
Osvaldo Ramirez Castillo, Quebec