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We are working on the formation of an Anti-Oppression Committee

In light of recent events, and as a step toward goals to diversify, which SMP has long held but not yet delivered on, the board and ED propose the formation of a committee that will be dedicated to dismantling white supremacy and other forms of oppression within the organization. This requires research and action on the part of the committee and enthusiastic cooperation of staff, board, and members. Below is a short list of what some first steps could look like.

1. Set up a committee to work on an anti-oppression mandate as well as to come up with ideas on how to identify and make structural changes to institutional racism in our organization. This could look like a code of conduct in the short run, that will be posted in the shop and sent to members, and will eventually develop into a more in-depth basis of unity document that we will center all our activities around, that will be posted on our site, and that members will have to sign on to.

2. Actively work to centre and support BIPOC and 2SLGBTQIA artists. This will be done (with the programming committee) by programming artists from these communities as well as inviting artists in to the shop to give (paid) workshops and talks. This could also look like a BIPOC specific Artist in Residence program (paid according to CARFAC fees).

3. Organize and hold events that are designed to educate our members as well as the public at large at identifying racism and white supremacy and working to dismantle it. This could take the form of informal events in the shop such as an anti racist book club, discussion group, political print club etc…


* To develop and implement strategies to dismantle white supremacy and other oppressive systems within the organization while centering on QTBIPOC folks through programming.
* Be a safe place for members, staff, public, etc. to voice concerns about SMP space/people/etc. and work towards resolutions in such instances.
* A minimum of five members appointed by the Board of Directors.·
* One of these members shall be Chairperson of the committee.·
* The Chairperson shall also be a member of the Board of Directors.
* The Anti-Oppression committee will meet bimonthly or more as needed.
* The Chairperson will call meetings at least one week in advance.
* The Anti-Oppression committee can report to the Board of Directors during in camera sessions if needed.
* Quorum will constitute 3 members of the committee or half of members +1, whichever is less.


How to apply:

If interested, contact or attend our Special General Meeting on Aug 6th, 7-9 NL time.

Eventbrite Link:…