Studio Rental

Artists at all stages of their career can rent studio time at St. Michael’s Printshop. Typically, artists will have experience, training, or have taken a workshop in at least one form of printmaking if they are going to rent at SMP. For first-time renters of the printshop we offer a technical orientation and tour of the printshop, to help get you settled in. Get in touch if you have questions, contact.

In order to rent studio time at SMP, you must first purchase a 1 year membership for $30. Click here if you would like to register and purchase your membership right now by credit card.

For a virtual look at our facilities, which are fully equipped for lithography, intaglio, relief, and screen printing, click here.

We have recently overhauled our fee schedule and introduced a few new things. The goal of this review is to provide equitable access and reduce the various external circumstances that prevent folks from being awesome in the printshop and diversifying the SMP community! By providing creative options that can assist potential renters and members, we hope to continue working towards making SMP more accessible, inclusive, and a safer space for our community. More info below.

Printshop Rental Rates and Fees:

(*Suggested hours)
Entrance Scholarship
Member *includes free day rental. (This day rental activates instantly if you are familiar/comfortable with printmaking. If you are new to printmaking this free day rental activates after your first workshop).$30 a year2 hourscase-by-case
Member + All the benefits of our normal membership with the added bonus of showing extra financial appreciation$50 a yearn/an/a
All the benefits of our normal membership plus a complimentary mentorship studio half day.
$100 a yearn/an/a
Organization Membership Complimentary team building workshop with introductory printmaking procedures (number of participants/workshop type to be negotiated with SMP)$1000 a yearn/an/a
Day Rental Includes some technical support (during office hours).$302 hourscase-by-case
Weekend Rental Includes some technical support (during office hours).$503.5 hourscase-by-case
10-Day Pass$16010 hourscase-by-case
3-month subscription *Subscription to be paid monthly, or upfront in full$120 per month 7 hours per monthcase-by-case
6-month subscription/1-year subscription *Subscription to be paid monthly, or upfront in full$100 per month7 hours per monthcase-by-case
Mentorship One-on-one assistance (scheduled in advance during studio hours)$20 per hour1.5 hourscase-by-case
Mentor Nights For members*Volunteer opportunity for members to hostPay what you can/suggested donation ($5 – $15) 1 hourcase-by-case
Open Studio For members and non-members *Volunteer opportunity for members to facilitateFree n/an/a
Special Group Rates *please get in touch with us directly to discuss the nature of the group and its needs for further n/an/a
15% Discount for Recent Grads*This will be applied to rental rates for BFA and MFA program graduates for the first year of rent immediately following graduation. Proof of graduation date will be required.n/an/a
Pay It Forward*Included on our membership payment web page will be an option to pay a membership forward/pay fees towards a workshop. This money will be put towards community members who have reached out confidentially to the ED who wish to be considered for the Entrance Scholarship. This funding will help cover the costs, along with the community partner sponsor, to ensure the Entrance Scholarship is fully funded and those who request financial assistance will be given it. Additionally, money put towards workshop costs will also be sought to ensure member participation in workshops is not prohibited due to financial constraints. Pay it forward membership – $30
Pay it forward workshops – $___


  • All artists must become a member of St.Michael’s in order to use the studio.
  • Personal storage space is available to yearlong renters only.
  • Rental rates include materials surcharge: black and white inks, rags, solvents and chemistries.
  • Artists are responsible for their own plates, paper, coloured inks, drawing materials etc.
  • All rates are subject to HST.