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Subscribe to our first ever Print Subscription! Over the course of 2021 you will get 4 prints from 4 SMP artists; Pepa Chan, Kym Greeley, Christine Koch and our own ED, Christeen Francis. Examples of their work above.

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SMP Print Subscription is an amazing way to support local artists, to support the shop, and to start or grow your art collection! The Print Subscription is $500 + tax ($575) for the whole year (you get 4 prints for $500). The artists for SMP’s very first Print Subscription are: Kym Greeley, Christine Koch, Pepa Chan, and Christeen Francis. Photos of examples of their work are shown above.

How it works:

  • Purchasing a print subscription gets you 4 prints from 4 artists during a calendar year (you will receive a print in March, June, September, and December).
  • Each print is unique to the subscription and will not be made/sold outside of it.
  • Each print will be on a 11” x 15” sheet of paper
  • The edition size depends on the number of individuals who pay into the subscription. But don’t wait too long as the subscription sells out when we hit 20!

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