The Facilities

this stunning photo was taken by Dan Joseph – @danjosephphoto

A cornerstone within the Newfoundland visual arts community, St. Michael’s Printshop has played the role of both facilitator and catalyst in the creation of some of this country’s most important art and in the development of artists since its inception in the early 1970s. Its reputation as a nexus for printmaking has spread, and each year the Printshop continues to receive applications to its residency program from artists across the country and around the globe. For this reason, the Printshop has become not only a fine art production centre but also a meeting place for artists and printmakers. Drawn by the awe-inspiring landscape of Newfoundland, the opportunity for interaction with other artists and the well-equipped facilities, many artists who have come to work at the Printshop believe that these elements combine in a subtle yet potent way to inspire the creation of outstanding works of art.

As much as it is noted for the spectacular physical environment in which it is located, St. Michael’s Printshop has gained an international reputation for its well-equipped facilities. The Printshop maintains a basic inventory of intaglio, lithographic and relief print materials, supplies and chemistries. Printing paper and drawing materials may be purchased at cost. Chemistries, solvents, transparent base, and black and white ink are covered under general Printshop rental. Coloured inks are not provided.

Equipment list includes:

2 Brand Intaglio and Relief presses: 22 x 44, 36 x 60”
2 Brand Lithography presses: 24 x 40, 36 x 52”
10 Lithography stones 24 x 36”
1 Lithography stone 32 x 43”
25 other stones of varying size