Basic committee rules:

  • Each committee must have a Chair who is in charge of organizing and recording meetings
  • The Chair of each committee must be a board member (that way said board member can relay information and reports from committee meetings to the board and vice versa)
  • There is a formal process for joining certain committees which require certain levels of experience/education from its members

Programming Committee

The Programming Committee meets three or four times per year to make programming decisions about the Visiting Artist Program and the Don Wright Memorial Scholarship. They plan and create the calls for submissions, review applications, and decide on which artists are programmed. The committee mainly consists of visuals artists in the St. John’s art community. If you are interested in joining the Programming Committee please email with the subject heading “Interest in Programming Committee.”

Guest Juror, Programming Committee

The Programming Committee has recently began to invite guest jurors for helping to decide on either the Visiting Artist Program selected artists or the Don Wright Scholarship selected artist. If you are interested in being a guest juror, please email with the subject heading “Interest in Guest Juror Role.”

Studio Committee

The Studio Committee has discussions and makes decisions on anything related to the way the print studio functions. To be part of this committee, you need to actively use or have a history of using the SMP studio as a renter, have taken multiple workshops at SMP, and/or have a familiarity or background in printmaking. This committee tackles the nitty gritty side of the print studio – ie. drying rack etiquette, storage policy, day pass book policies – things the regular board might not have a background with. The Studio Committee meets on an “as need” basis. If you are interested joining the Studio Committee, please email with the subject heading “Interest in Studio Committee.”

Fundraising & Special Events Committee

SMP at Raymonds Restaurant in 2019 for “A Fine Art Auction Affair”

The Fundraising Committee plans fundraisers and special events for St. Michael’s Printshop. This committee can be comprised of anyone who is interested in helping plan and execute events that will help raise money and visibility for the printshop and for its members. You don’t need previous experience to join this committee, but all experience is welcome. This committee is one of the most hands on committees in terms of the types of jobs you might end up doing as a member – ie. you could go from helping plan the event to helping run it (ie. setting up / taking down for events, coordinating volunteers, helping visitors, managing cashbox/payments, etc). If you are interested in joining the Fundraising & Special Events Committee please email with the subject heading “Interest in Fundraising & Special Events Committee.”

Human Resources Committee

The Human Resources Committee meets on an as-need basis to check in with any issues that arise at relational levels whether that be a staff, member, or volunteer issue. This committee usually consists of mostly board members, but it invites and welcomes members of the community who have a background in Human Resources. If you are interested in joining the Human Resources Committee please email with the subject heading “Interest in Human Resources Committee.”

Other Committees

There are two more committees that form on an “as need” basis at St. Michael’s Printshop:

  • The Nomination Committee
  • The Hiring Committee

These committees are usually formed from board members and specially invited community members. The Nomination Committee looks for and vets prospective board members – and they ensure that the process for bringing new board members is done correctly according to SMP’s bylaws. The Hiring Committee meets only when SMP puts out a new job call. They compose job calls, review job applications, and manage of the hiring process.