Philippa Jones

Philippa Jones is a British artist living and working in Newfoundland. Her art practice spans traditional printmaking, gaming, active myth making and New Media relational installations.

In her art, Jones aims to create a space into which the participant can project their imagination and to some extent determine their own experience. She is interested in exploring the new parameters in which art can operate, opened through advances in ubiquitous technology. She believes that reality is constantly evolving and that we create and reinforce realities boundaries. It is Jones assertion that through art she can shape the sensory experience to distort reality, understand its constraints and potentially subvert it. By subverting reality she hopes to foster a sense of the possible for participants in her work.

Jones’s installations combine emerging digital technology with traditional art and elemental symbols. Emerging technology as an art medium enables a greater level of audience participation and immersion. The technical process remains hidden, the participant’s body and their intuitive movements act as the interface. Anyone can interact with her work simply by being present in the installation.

The Romantics have informed Jones art in regards to; their legitimization of individual imagination and creativity, their techniques to inspire awe and the sublime and emphasis on the scientist’s role in discovery, nature and Art.