Elena Popova

Elena Popova was born 1961 in Sofia, Bulgaria. Daughter of a sculptor, her formative years were strongly influenced by her father and his artistic colleagues. In 1990 Elena immigrated to Canada and settled in Newfoundland. Her adapted surroundings have influenced her approach and sensitivity to her work. “During the first years in Canada, the delicate threads connecting the roots of my past with the new homeland were sometimes broken. It took a long time before I could fuse the song of the one with the distant thunder of the other. This fusion gives me the sense of harmony and balance that I need to express through painting. The technique of Monotype was, for me, a fortunate discovery. I am charmed by it, because it allows me to express spontaneously and intuitively my visions.”

Since 1990, Elena has been living and working in Newfoundland with her husband, sculptor Luben Boykov and their two daughters. Elena has shown her monotypes and paintings locally, nationally and internationally and has received a number of awards for her work. Recently she has exhibited in Salt Lake City, Utah; Orvieto, Italy and Sofia, Bulgaria. Her work can be found in private collections in North America and Europe.