Michael Connolly


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Michael Connolly is a printmaker and painter. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Grenfell Campus, MUN and worked as the studio manager at St. Michael’s Printshop for 10 years.

His work deals largely with the natural environment. The relationships between various aspects of nature; including the place and role of humans in that environment, is an endless fascination. The work Connolly makes addresses this interest in a number of ways, including literal translations of the landscape, through richly layered abstract works dealing with the colours and textures of various aspects of the natural world. The main recurring element of most of the work he makes is drawing.  Connolly feels drawing is an undervalued form of art making in today’s art world, but feels it can manifest itself in many ways to create strong and elegant works of art.

He finds it a rewarding challenge to explore his surroundings using drawing as a tool to discover the world in which we live.

Connolly’s work is represented by the Leyton Gallery of Fine Art in St. John’s, Newfoundland.