Audrey Feltham


Audrey Feltham’s artistic practice is centered in both exploration of process and theme, particularly the themes of memory and relocation or translocation.  Her work is narrative in nature, with the inclusion of text as an element that is intended as a departure point for the viewer.  She is interested in taking the viewer on a journey with the intention of self-discovery through the process of making connection with visual and written elements.

Audrey’s exploration of process began with the incorporation of fibre based techniques into printmaking practise. She has continued to examine the possibility of mark making through fibre construction and how that mark making can be incorporated into her printmaking vocabulary.

Feltham’s prints are multilayered maps to an invisible landscape shaped by personal experience and captured in narrative.  The narrative expresses ‘who’ we are as well as ‘how’ we move through the defining landscape.  Narrative allows us to share the story with others.