Atelier Circulaire (Montreal, QC)
Email Atelier Circulaire

Atelier Graff (Montreal, QC)
Email Atelier Graff

Atelier de l'Ile (Val-David, QC)
Email Atelier de l'Ile

Atelier Libre de Recherches Graphiques (Montreal, QC)
Email Atelier L.d.R.G.

Atelier Presse-Papier (Trois Rivieres, QC)
Email Atelier Press-Papier

Atelier Silex (Trois Rivieres, QC)
Email Atelier Silex

Dundarave Print Workshop (Vancouver, BC)
Email Dundarave Print Workshop

Engramme (Quebec, QC)
Email Engramme

Hui Press (Maui, HI)
Email Hui Press

Imago (Moncton, NB)
Email Imago

International Print Centre (New York, NY)
Email International Print Centre

Lower East Side Printshop (New York, NY)
Email Lower East Side Printshop

Malaspina Printmakers Society (Vancouver, BC)
Email Malaspina Printmakers Society

Maryland Printmakers (Maryland)
Email Maryland Printmakers

New Grounds Print Workshop (Albuquerque, NM, USA)
Email New Grounds

Norton's Cove Studio (Wesleyville, NL)
Email Norton's Cove Studio

Open Studio (Toronto, ON)
Email Open Studio

Seacourt Print Workshop (Co. Down, Northern Ireland)
Email Seacourt Print Workshop

SNAP - Society of Northern Alberta Print-Artists (Edmonton, AB)
Email SNAP

Sunbury Shores Arts and Nature Centre (St. Andrews, NB)
Email Sunbury Shores

Tamarind Institute (Albuquerque, NM)
Email Tamarind Institute

The Print Center (Philadelphia, PA)
Email The Print Center

Le Zocalo (Longveuil, QC)
Email Le Zocalo


American Print Alliance (Peachtree City, GA)
Email American Print Alliance printmakers list

ElectroEtch Enterprises (non-toxic printmaking techniques)
Email ElectroEtch

Graphic Chemical and Ink Co. (ink, paper, plates, stones, etc.)
Email Graphic Chemical

International Fine Print Dealers Association (New York, NY)
Email I. F. P. D. A.

Japanese Paper Place (the paper guru in Toronto, ON)
Email Japanese Paper Place

Photogravure (the new Photogravure homepage)

Praga Industries Company Ltd. (presses & photographic supplies)
Email Praga

Printmaking Q&A (this site also has a great printmaking links site)

World Printmakers (Granada, Spain)
Email World Printmakers


Audrey Feltham (her studio, printshop Atelier West, on the island's west coast...)

Christine Koch (painter/printmaker working out of St. John's & Gros Morne Park...)

David Dubose (Irish printmaker who had a residency at St. Michael's...)

David Morrish (creator of DeadCat Press, dedicated to traditional print media...)

Elena Popova (local painter/printmaker originally from Bulgaria...)

Janice Wong (Saskatchewan artist who prints at Dundarave Print Workshop...)

Jennifer Armstrong (Board member, digital artist & creative designer...)

Judith Leidl (painter/printmaker/teacher who's had over 60 exhibitions worldwide...)

Lori Doody (recent body of work, Papier Couture, showing throughout the city...)

Manuel Lau (recent visiting artist who completed Zoologico, series of collographs...)

Marlene MacCallum (photogravure & book artist, also SWGC professor...)

Montgomery Hall (Aerosol X, graffiti artist & St. John's terminus1525 producer...)

Peter Lazarov (recent artist-in-residence, makes gorgeous wood engravings...)

Tara Bryan (painter/printmaker/book artist with a background in music...)


Anna Templeton Centre (craft and art training specializing in textiles)

Art Gallery of Newfoundland and Labrador

Artspots (CBC short programs showcasing Canadian artists) educational links

Arts and Letters Competition (annual provincial government arts contest)

Arts Depot (cultural activities in St. John's, Newfoundland)

Canada Council for the Arts

Canada Council for the Arts (grant programs for visual artists)

Canadian Heritage (national government program promoting culture)

CAR/FAC Canadian Artists' Representation / Le Front de Artists Canadiens

CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, media in support of the arts)

Christina Parker Gallery (local gallery representing many of our members)

City of St. John's (click City Services, Community Development, then Arts Grants Jury)

College of Santa Fe (printmaking dept. interested in exchange with SMP)

Craft Council of Newfoundland and Labrador (leaders in provincial craft)

Culture Canada (national government's cultural site)

Loch Gallery (Winnipeg gallery featuring the work of member Ron Bolt)

Middle Tennessee State University printmaking forum educational links

Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council

Sir Wilfred Grenfell College Art Gallery

Sir Wilfred Grenfell College Visual Arts Degree Program

Sound Symposium (bi-annual arts festival in St. John's, NL)

terminus1525 (web-workspace created by 4 national young producers)

Winchester Gallery (commercial gallery in Ohio)



Centre for Art Tapes (Halifax, NS)
Email Centre for Art Tapes

Eastern Edge Gallery (St. John's, NL)
Email Eastern Edge

Eyelevelgallery (Halifax, NS)
Email Eyelevelgallery

Galerie Sans Nom (Moncton, NB)
Email Galerie Sans Nom

Gallery Connexion (Fredericton, NB)
Email Gallery Connexion

The Khyber Centre for the Arts (Halifax, NS)
Email The Khyber

Resource Centre for the Arts (St. John's, NL)
Email RCA

Struts Gallery (Sackville, NB)
Email Struts Gallery


3e Imperial (Granby)
Email 3e Imperial

Action Art Actuel (St-Jean sur Richelieu)
Email Action Art Actuel

Antitube (Quebec City)
Email Antitube

Artexte (Montreal)
Email Artexte

Articule (Montreal)
Email Articule

Avatar (Quebec City)
Email Avatar

AxeNEO-7 (Hull)
Email AxeNEO-7

La Bande Video (Quebec City)
Email La Bande Video

Boreal Art / Nature (L'Annonciation)
Email Boreal Art / Nature

La Centrale / Galerie Powerhouse (Montreal)
Email La Centrale

Le Centre des Arts Contemporains (Montreal)

Le Centre d'Exposition des Gouverneurs (Sorel-Tracy)
Email CEG

La Chambre Blanche (Quebec City)
Email La Chambre Blanche

Champ Libre (Montreal)
Email Champ Libre

Daimon Centre de Production (Hull)
Email Daimon

Dare-Dare (Montreal)
Email Dare-Dare

Dazibao (Montreal)
Email Dazibao

L'Ecart Lieu d'Art Actuel (Rouyn-Noranda)
Email L'Ecart Lieu d'Art Actuel

Est Nord Est (St-Jean-Port-Joli)
Email Est Nord Est

La Filature (Hull / Gatineau)
Email La Filature

Forest City Gallery (London)
Email Forest City Gallery

Galerie B-312 (Montreal)
Email Galerie B-312

Galerie Clark (Montreal)
Email Galerie Clark

Galerie Verticale Art Contemporain (Laval)
Email Galerie Verticale

Langage Plus (Alma)
Email Langage Plus

Le Lieu (Quebec City)
Email Le Lieu

Oboro (Montreal)
Email Oboro

L'Oeil de Poisson (Quebec City)
Email L'Oeil de Poisson

Optica (Montreal)
Email Optica

Praxis Art Actuel (Sainte-Therese)
Email Praxis Art Actuel

Les Productions Recto-Verso (Quebec City)
Email Recto-Verso

Quartier Ephemere (Montreal)
Email Quartier Ephemere

RCAAQ (Montreal)

Regart (Levis)
Email Regart

Sequence (Chicoutimi)
Email Sequence

Skol Centre des Arts Actuels (Montreal)
Email Skol

Studio 303 (Montreal)
Email Studio 303

Studio XX (Montreal)
Email Studio XX

Video Femmes (Quebec City)
Email Video Femmes

Videographe (Montreal)
Email Videographe

Vox (Montreal)
Email Vox

Vu Photo (Quebec City)
Email Vu Photo


A Space Gallery (Toronto)
Email A Space Gallery

Artcite (Windsor)
Email Artcite

Artengine (Ottawa)
Email Artengine

Artspace (Peterborough)
Email Artspace

Art Metropole (Toronto)
Email Art Metropole

Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild (Toronto)
Email Canadian Bookbinders

Ed Video Media Arts Centre (Guelph)
Email Ed Video

Enriched Bread Artists (Ottawa)
Email Enriched Bread Artists

Fado Performance Inc. (Toronto)
Email Fado Performance Inc.

Gallery 44 (Toronto)
Email Gallery 44

Gallery 101 (Ottawa)
Email Gallery 101

Gallery 1313 (Toronto)
Email Gallery 1313

Gallery Arcturus (Toronto)
Gallery Arcturus

Hamilton Artists Inc. (Hamilton)
Email Hamilton Artists Inc.

InterAccess (Toronto)
Email InterAccess

Liason of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto (Toronto)
Email L.I.F.T.

Mercer Union (Toronto)
Email Mercer Union

Modern Fuel Gallery (Kingston)
Email Modern Fuel Gallery

Native Indian / Inuit Photographers' Association (Hamilton)
Email N.I.I.P.A.

Niagara Artists' Company (St. Catherine's)
Email Nigara Artists' Company

Saw Gallery (Ottawa)
Email Saw Gallery

South Asian Visual Arts Collective (Toronto)
Email S.A.V.A.C.

Terminal Gallery (Ottawa)
Email Terminal Gallery

Toronto Artscape (Toronto)
Email Toronto Artspace

Trinity Square Video (Toronto)
Email Trinity Square Video

Vtape (Toronto)
Email Vtape

White Water Gallery (North Bay)
Email White Water Gallery

Women's Art Resource Centre (Toronto)
Email Women's Art Resource Centre

YYZ Artists' Outlet (Toronto)
Email YYZ Artists' Outlet


Ace Art Inc. (Winnipeg, MB)
Email Ace Art Inc.

Emmedia (Calgary, AB)
Email Emmedia

The Floating Gallery (Winnipeg, MB)
Email The Floating Gallery

Latitude 53 Society of Artists (Edmonton, AB)
Email Latitude 53

Neutral Ground (Regina, SK)
Email Neutral Ground

The New Gallery (Calgary, AB)
Email The New Gallery

Plug In Gallery (Winnipeg, MB)
Email Plug In Gallery

Quickdraw Animation Society (Calgary, AB)
Email Quickdraw Animation Society

Stride Gallery (Calgary, AB)
Email Stride Gallery

Syntax Arts Society (Calgary, AB)
Email Syntax Arts Society

Truck Gallery (Calgary, AB)
Email Truck Gallery

Urban Shaman (Winnipeg, MB)
Email Urban Shaman


Access Artist-Run Centre (Vancouver)
Email Access

Alternator Gallery (Kelowna)
Email Alternator

Artspeak Gallery (Vancouver)
Email Artspeak Gallery

Gallery Gachet (Vancouver)
Email Gallery Gachet

Grunt Gallery (Vancouver)
Email Grunt Gallery

Helen Pitt Gallery (Vancouver)
Email Helen Pitt Gallery

Open Space (Victoria)
Email Open Space

Or Gallery (Vancouver)
Email Or Gallery

Video In Studios (Vancouver)
Email Video In Studios

Western Front (Vancouver)
Email Western Front


Applied Arts (Canadia's leading visual communications magazine)

Artfocus (focuses on the international contemporary visual art scene)

Artichoke (contains writings about the visual arts)

Artnews (news about art events, the art market, etc.)

Arts Atlantic (critically examines the art scene in Atlantic Canada)

BlackFlash (magazine not only about art, it produces art)

Border Crossings (covers comtemporary photography and literature)

C International Contemporary Art (places Canadian art in a international context)

Canadian Art (chronicles the Canadian art scene)

Espace (Canada's only sculpture publication)

Fuse Magazine (magazine about art, the media and politics)

Lola (magazine about art, the city and life)

Matriart (critical discourse and exchange for women artists)

MIX Independent Art & Culture Magazine (dedicated to artist-run culture)

Parachute (discursive forum for Quebec and Canadian artists)

Public (interdisciplinary art journal for artists, theorists and academics)